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For Truck Repair, Wheel Alignments, and Truck Inspections in the Greater Cincinnati Area

For the best truck repair services, vehicle inspections, wheel alignments, and front end suspension work, all you have to do is call or visit us. We even offer customized welding! Herrington's Tire Service in West Chester, OH is a safe bet.

When your fleet vehicles need mechanical services from annual inspections to brakes and shocks, Herrington’s Tire can provide all of your business vehicle's suspension needs.

With years of experience under their belts, our technicians combine the right tools with their expertise, getting your job done right and on schedule. 
At Herrington’s we use Bee Line Computer Alignment Equipment. They invented laser alignment technology to achieve the most accurate wheel alignment measurements possible.

Bee Line Computer Alignment Equipment

Providing laser measurements up to 1/1000th of an inch, our system is capable of producing the results you demand.

Bee Line Axle Correction equipment makes camber and caster corrections on any size axle without having to remove them from the vehicle.

5 reasons to have your alignment checked
  • We can help extend your tire mileage 
  • Proper alignment can save an average of 2% on your fuel cost 
  • Diagnose problems before they get out of hand 
  • Proper alignment requires trained technicians and accurate equipment 
  • "Peace of Mind" is an added bonus
Truck Tire Wheel Balancing

The World's #1 Heavy-Duty Diagnostic Balancer Hunter ForceMatch HD

The Hunter ForceMatch HD Balancer helps eliminate wheel-related vibrations. It can balance any size tire including cars, light-trucks, and tractor/trailer tires. Specialized sensors measure the assembly to detect the high spot of a tire to match with the low spot of the rim. This minimizes the run-out related vibration ensuring your customer a smoother ride.

Many features of the ForceMatch HD improves the accuracy and overall balancing of the tire and minimizes weight usage.

From balancing and alignments to vehicle inspections, our goal is to make sure that your fleet vehicles are road ready.
Truck Mechanical Services

Professional specialists

Whether you need brake service or front end work, Herrington's Tire Service's professionals offer not only great service, but also excellent advice.

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