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AcuTread Retreads

AcuTread tires are produced using technically advanced equipment to achieve a precise remanufactured tire that is superior in quality and performance over alternative precure retread tires. This highly advanced system, engineered second to none, is the predominant method of retreading in Europe and Japan by leading new tire manufacturers. It is becoming widely used by many well-known trucking companies and new tire manufacturers in the United States.
By using AcuTread tires, a fleet will reduce new drive and trailer tire purchases as well as reduce costs through increased performance where conventional retreads are currently being used. As a result, a lower cost-per-mile is realized without sacrificing any reliability, tread wear, or driver acceptance.

The AcuTread Difference

Matched Diameter

AcuTread tires are cured in a segmented mold which produces a fixed diameter every time - just like new tires. Each tire— regardless of brand—is within 1/32” in diameter This important feature allows even distribution of load extending mileage and reducing heat build-up. A simple tread depth measurement is all that is required to match tires in dual wheel positions

Contoured Tread

The technology of the AcuTread process insures that every casing is prepared to an exact width and contour each time. Proper buffed casing dimensions reduce casing fatigue, shoulder separations, and tread edge lifts while also promoting even wear for extended mileage.
AcuTread fits the casing naturally

Adhesion Value

The advantage of the process over precure retreading is that each tire is cured with direct physical pressure resulting in very high adhesion values. products can withstand severe twisting and turning and higher running temperatures - just like new tires.
Precure treads are flat but the casing has a radius

Splice Free

AcuTread tires are splice free. Using a computerized rubber extruder, specialized rubber compounds are applied to the casing in one continuous strip, eliminating the need for a splice. Alternative precure retreading processes apply fully cured tread to casings and splice it together where the ends meet. The splice can cause a weak point and ride disturbance from an out-of- balance condition.

Full Depth Siping

AcuTread tires are produced with full depth siping. Siping aids in traction and assists in dispersing heat from the tread. This “new tire” feature reduces casing fatigue and stress due to excessive heat build-up in the tread. Lower tread temperature is a key factor in extended wear and fuel economy

Custom Rubber Compounds

The rubber compounds used to produce AcuTread tires are specially formulated for superior adhesion, long wear, fuel efficiency, and cut resistance. Computerized extruders allow tires to be produced with custom rubber compounds that fit the requirements for each of our individual customers.

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